Noon Art & Craft

Noon was started by three friends | Valeria,Daniele and Antonio | who met in 2010 thanks toDaniele Fortuna’s art.

Art was their interest and design their common background. Their mission is to bring art to as many people as possible through design. Art that can spread a message to the general public rather than a limited circle of art-lovers. Art that can carry people into a magical, playful, joyful world. And that can be used such as a rocking rabbit that lights up, a head that becomes vase. All the projects born in their workshop and are then made by the best craftsmen in limited series. Noon also works to create the best environment for its audience to completely immerse into the artworks. Recent examples include a coloured rainbow created as part of an exhibition stall and installations used to transform an old church inAlice in wonderland world.

Noon Art & Craft's products for Ottobarradieci
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