Patrizia Fratus

Patrizia Fratus born in a hot July, some times ago. She passed from the sewing machine of her mother to the Marangoni Institute in Milan and then in the La Scala Laboratory, and then again teaching for some years. All the rest happened, almost by chance, after sending a picture to an art gallery in Paris, which found her first woman piece “ètonant”. One thing led to another and so she never stopped.

While making she discovered the wonder of what she just realized to be able to make. Since then she tells her tales, the ones she knows best, the ones her grandmother told her, the ones of her mother, the ones shetold her children and the tales that humanity tell since the begging of the times to teach, to learn, to remember.

As creative mud she utilizes the paper, the fabrics.

Patrizia Fratus's products for Ottobarradieci

Il Giardino Segreto

Ottobarradieci vi aspetta ai Vivai Rota per sorpendervi con un’ installazione: “Il Giardino segreto”. »

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