Marina and Susanna Sent elaborate a family language in glass making, finding their own original expression in the traditional field of glass beads and jewels. The two sisters choose an exemplification of form strictly related to contemporary design in order to develop creative ideas in a synergic dialogue; each of them contribute to the definition of the project and to the production process with their individual sensibility and experience. The poetic cascades of blown glass spheres become elegant necklaces, or glass fabrics bind together in warp and weft of inventive biomorphic pearls, and can transform in lamps refracting the light in fantastic prisms, or clear dresses created with playful irony, ambiguously impossible to wear, and therefore all the more fascinating and desirable. The accurate investigation of the potentialities of technique and form in glass making leads Marina and Susanna Sent to attain elegant visual and sensorial combination with different materials, like wood and paper, in their search for new frontiers to express the beauty of form and the sensuality of the object.

Sent's products for Ottobarradieci
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